Motorola M800 Review

Motorola M800 Car Phone

The Motorola M800 is available through Bell and Telus – this is an ergonomically designed fixed mobile car phone. A throwback to the early 80’s. Installed with voice activation, enhanced display screen and “handsfree” environment… Motorola claims that the “Motorola M800 is the mobile way to communicate”.

* Tri-mode digital phone that runs on our digital core network
* High resolution illuminated graphical display, 96×64 pixels for text with adjustable blue backlight and contrast
* Mobile browser capable on the Bell core network
* Large, well spaced illuminated keypad
* “Restrict my phone number” and “Show my ID on next call” features
* Two-way navigation keypad
* Car radio mute
* Ignition Sense automatically detects when car starts*
* 500 alphanumeric entry phone book
* Voice activation button
* Voice activated name dialling (up to 20 voice tags)
* Voice activated number dialling
* Voice notes (up to 120 seconds)
* 2-way short messaging service
* T9™ text input for easy text entry
* External on-glass antenna
* Bilingual – English and French