Aliant offers BlackBerry Pearl 8130


Aliant, a subsidiary of Bell Canada has announced the availability of the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphone.

“The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is an impressive smartphone, with an elegant design and many features including GPS navigation and maps, a camera and access to Facebook, the popular communication service,” said Shirley Fullerton, Director, Wireless Marketing.

With new phones comes new phone plans: For $15 per moth the
BlackBerry 15 feature offers unlimited email for use with the data-efficient BlackBerry Internet Service, providing real-time push-based access to popular web-based email services, such as Sympatico, Yahoo! and Gmail.

For $20 or $35 per month, the Email and Internet BlackBerry 20 and 35 packages provide BlackBerry Internet Service email, mobile browsing, and text messaging. The BlackBerry 35 feature also includes certain smart touch features such as Mini-Message and Call Display.