Bell Mobility Selects FusionOne for Backup Manager

Bell Mobility has selected FusionOne as its provider of mobile contacts backup and restore services. FusionOne has named the service “MightyBackup”, however, Bell has calmed that down a bit and calls the service “Backup Manager” and is available for $3.00 per month.

“Backup Manager” provides address book protection against loss or damage to a mobile phone, easy migration when you want to upgrade a phones.

We are very pleased to introduce FusionOnes comprehensive address book backup and restore services to Canada, said Nauby Jacob, director, product development, Bell Mobility. They provide clients the peace of mind of knowing that the content of their mobile address book is protected and retrievable whenever they need it.

The service is currently preloaded on the LG Muziq and Samsung r610 mobile phones from Bell Mobility.