Fido releases Samsung Jack and Motorola Q9H

Checking out the Fido website we noticed that Fido has quietly released the Samsung Jack (exclusively available before at Rogers) and the Motorola Q9H.

A few weeks ago we did video review of the Samsung Jack as it’s a sleek smartphone with great features that include Windows Mobile 6, with unlimited personal emails available, a nice directional scroll wheel. Check it out:

“The typical Fido customer is a hip and young professional,” said Patrick Hadsipantelis, VP, Marketing, Fido. “They are social urbanites who are constantly on the go and need to stay close to friends and colleagues. The addition of the Windows Mobile 6 devices to our portfolio offers our customers tremendous value in terms of unlimited emails and the ability to access information and content that is relevant to them, whenever and wherever they are.”

The prices and plans are here:

Fido Samsung BlackJack Motorola Q9