Rogers new Data Plans coming March 18th?

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Rogers Wireless is set to launch a new set of data plans… this time based on a tier structure. It is a good idea as all Rogers customers will start from the lowest tier each month and depending on how many MB you use you will go to the next tier. This will hopefully eliminate being over billed and set the way for the iPhone.

There are seven tiers in total:
$15 – 20MB ~ Tier 1
$30 – 20MB to 60MB ~ Tier 2
$50 – 60MB to 500MB ~ Tier 3
$65 – 500MB to 1GB ~ Tier 4
$75 – 1GB to 2GB ~ Tier 5
$85 – 2GB to 3GB ~ Tier 6
$100 – 3GB to 5GB ~ Tier 7
$0.03 per additional MB

Nothing is officially posted yet. Here is a link to the current plan to compare. More to come…