Air Canada “Flight Pass”: mobile.aircanada.com

We received a letter in the mail today from Air Canada promoting the “Flight Pass”… now this product is not new, but what is new and really convenient is the ability to access this service from your mobile devise.

As indicated on the letter and website: “A Flight Pass is a prepaid package of electronic one-way flight credits used for travel within a selected geographic zone during a specific period. A Flight Pass is comprised of fixed or unlimited number flight credits which can be managed online with ease. 1 flight credit = 1 one-way trip including connecting flights.

“Subscribing to air travel with online convenience is an airline industry first, and underscores Air Canada’s commitment to lead the way by putting control back in the hands of customers,” said Marc Rosenberg, vice-president, sales and product distribution. “Air Canada’s newly upgraded web platform makes it possible for up to eight people to use a single ‘Flight Pass for Small Business’ and as many as 300 people to use a single ‘Corporate Pass,’ greatly simplifying travel management for companies of any size.”

Key benefits:
Excellent value and travel cost predictability
Optimum travel flexibility
Online booking convenience 24/7 and up to one hour prior to departure
Complimentary advance online seat selection

If you sign up & purchase flights you can check flights, manage you flights and check in through your mobile device. Visit the Air Canada website for additional details.

Air Canada “Flight Pass”: mobile.aircanada.com

(this is the letter promoting the use of a smartphone)

Air Canada “Flight Pass”: mobile.aircanada.com

(When you open the actual smartphone it has all the highlights of this product)

Air Canada “Flight Pass”: mobile.aircanada.com

(The very nice letter from Air Canada Vice President of Marketing,Charles D McKee Jr.)