BlackBerry now a “universal remote”

At the WES (Wireless Enterprise Symposium), Toronto based Unify4Life has taken convergence to another level and have transformed the BlackBerry into the “ultimate remote control”.

Available October 1, 2008, the Unify4Life “lifestyle mobile solution” works like this:
Buy the “Unify4Life communications server” (seems like an early prototype of a router) and plug this into any outlet… then download the application to your BlackBerry and the “Unify4Life solution” will manage your home entertainment environment (home theatres, radio receivers, stereo gateways and televisions, access to TV listings)… everything but the iPod.

Pricing is as follows:
1 AV Hub
AV Remote Control Software V 1.0
2 Years Service
UnifyGuide Service
Price: $99.00 USD

Paul Tennyson, President of Unify4Life, “We’re creating ways to expand the world for BlackBerry users. Unify4Life’s application gives users ultimate control over a wide range of devices in their home and creates a user experience that will change the way BlackBerry fits into people’s everyday lives.”

“Our goal is to provide solutions for consumers who embrace technology for convenience, efficiency and entertainment. As people seek to use BlackBerry smartphones more prominently in their lives, Unify4Life will become an essential component for the key systems in their homes,” added Tennyson.

Check out their site: www.unify4life.com