Rogers responds to Apple iPhone 3G backlash

Rogers certainly received some backlash and disappointed from customers and potentially new customers who are looking to purchase an affordable Apple iPhone. Data and voice plans for the upcoming Rogers/Fido Apple iPhone start at $60 a month and require a 3-year contract.

In response to the online petition that has generated to date over 22,500 signatures, Rogers spokeswoman Liz Hamilton said:”As always, our customers have many choices, they can use their existing voice and smartphone data plans if they wish, including for example, selecting from our new data pricing and then adding a voice plan that suits their own needs, or they can choose a voice and data plan to best suit their individual need. With respect to existing customers, all customers’ accounts are unique. If desired, customers can keep their existing voice service plan and pick a separate data plan to meet their needs.”

With our rates still coming in at 2-3 times higher than our friends in the USA, there are a couple key peices of info you should be aware of.

1. BlackBerryCool.com has put together a head-to-head comparison regarding the Rogers Apple iPhone vs. Rogers BlackBerry plans. If you are considering buying one of these for your next smartphone, this will be of value to you. Depending on which plan and BlackBerry you go with (low end or high end) either device comes in a little bit cheaper or higher. Please note that you have to include the cost of the iPhone ($199 8GB or $299 16GB) and what ever the cost of the BlackBerry you go with.

2. MP David McGuinty has put Bill C-555 forward. This is called the “Get Connected Fairly Act” and encourages Canadians to get good value for their money, have the cell phone companies be transparent when it comes to fees and reduce the confusion when it comes to contracts.