Telus responds to incoming text message charge

Telus has come forward and made a statement regarding the recent news that they will start charging $0.15 for each incoming text messages.

“On May 5, TELUS began advertising a change to the way incoming text messages are to be billed beginning August 24. In addition, TELUS began directly informing affected clients via bill notification messages on June 24.  The overall text messaging rate changes affect a small segment of TELUS’ wireless customer base and are limited to those who do not currently subscribe to a text messaging plan. Those customers currently pay $0.15 to send a text message as well as $0.15 to receive text messages that originate from a computer or the Internet. Beginning August 24, the $0.15 per charge will also  apply to text messages that originate from other cell phones.”

And for the Current Telus Customers:
“TELUS customers who subscribe to any text messaging plans will continue to receive unlimited incoming text messages free of charge. Customers can choose to subscribe to a text messaging plan from prices starting as low as $3 per month which includes 30 outgoing text messages and unlimited incoming

In addition to the $0.15 charge, some of the uproar was about receiving spam text messages and paying for them. Telus confirmed that customers have never been “required” to pay for spam text messages and have set up a simple way to receive credits for any spam text messages.  Starting August 24th, if you’re a Telus customer and receive spam all you have to do is send the spam message to 7726 with the word SPAM in the message and a credit will be processed with no questions.

Telus Text Message Rates