Epoq EGP-PP01: First available video projector phone

The world’s first commercially available handset with a built-in pico-projector is now available and is made by Epoq and called the EGP-PP01. This can show your videos and pictures up to 30-inches in size and is a unlocked world/ tri-band GSM that has a touchscreen as if it was an iPhone… we mean everything from the interface looks and feels like an iPhone. Even the 1.3 megapixel camera has the shutter image. Lawsuit waiting to happen!

According to the website: “It can also be connected with DVD players, portable media players, set-top boxes and laptop computers to serve as a projector, and project a movie continuously for up to two hours with an image resolution of 640 x 480 pixels”. No work on the weigh of this beast, however it can be yours for $549.95 USD. More here