Globalive launches “WirelessSoapbox.com” forum

Globalive has started a grass roots branding effort and wants to be different from Bell, Telus and Rogers. They’re hoping to start a trend in the Canadian wireless market by less “telling and a lot more listening”… starting with a new discussion forum called WirelessSoapbox.com.

According to the website: WirelessSoapbox.com is designed to be a place that gives Canadians the opportunity to sound off about their cell phone experience, sharing thoughts and comments and putting forward new ideas. It’s about starting a dialogue with people who care about wireless in this country and are invested in making sure the next provider gets it right! We want to hear from a wide range of Canadians on everything from ‘what their ideal cell phone plan looks like’ to their ‘biggest pet peeve about their monthly cell phone bill’.”

Globalive CEO, Tony Lacavera himself will participate in the Wireless Soapbox discussions, and said “Canadians lack choice. There’s a reason we had in auction in this country. Our prices are too high, penetration is too low and services are lagging behind all developed nations. Canadians pay an average of 60% more for mobile wireless services than Americans. We think WirelessSoapbox.com is going to give us lots of insight into what Canadians are really looking for, what are their priorities, what kinds of services and features they want, and what kind of plans they want to see.”

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