Half of Canadians would give up coffee over cellphone

A survey by “Best Buy Mobile Canada” of 1,003 Canadians between August 25th and 26th shows us that almost half of them would let go of coffee versus their cell phone. The survey says “half of Canadians who own mobile devices confess they’d rather go without their daily java than give up their cell phones. In particular, those between the ages of 18 and 34” Other stats from the survey:

“75% who own mobile devices mean serious business when it comes to their shopping experience, 4% say their mobile phone brand is important to them, 60% are frustrated when dealing with service providers, 74% say that having sales staff who are knowledgeable about service plans is essential to their shopping experience, and 58% per cent say it’s important to have a neutral, objective sales person to walk them through their mobile options.”