New “Koodo-ciser” gets announced today

Did you kick-it? If you submitted a picture of yourself dressed up in 80′ gear for the Koodo Mobile “Can you Kick It Like a Koodo-ciser?” contest, today is the day that you’ll be notified (by e-mail) if you’ve become the next face of Koodo Mobile.

The website KoodoKickIt.com “Contest Rules” says: “THE WINNER WILL BE NOTIFIED BY TELEPHONE AND EMAIL BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 2008 AT APPROX. 12:00 P.M. (NOON) EST AND MUST RESPOND WITHIN TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS OF NOTIFICATION in order to claim the Grand Prize. Upon notification, the selected entrant must respond by telephone to the contact number provided in the notification, and the selected entrant’s response must be received by Koodo Mobile within twenty-four (24) hours of such notification.”

Looks like they’re getting ready to put the winner to work fast as the site also promotes “Check back in November to see who the new face of Koodo will be”. In addition, if you want to waste some time during your day you can kinda play around with the current Koodo characters and make them workout in the gym.

Good luck to all who entered and let us know if you won!