LG Wine Promo site (Drink a few before watching)

We had the recently launched Bell Mobility LG Wine all wrong… maybe because we are not seniors. You must check out this promo site that gives all the details for the LG Wine. Honestly, we couldn’t sit through the whole site maybe beacuse we’re not “regal and classy”, or it could be that we’re border line being “sophisticated” like the phone is labeled. The slow talking women got to me and perhaps we needed a few glasses of wine before watching it.

This phone is clearly targeted a more elegant individual who needs alot of assistance. For one, the keypad is mongo and belongs in the 1980’s…and so does the price ($79.95 for a basic 3-year plan). The screen is a good size (2.2 inches – 320×240 pixels) and just like the women said on the site “You’ll never have to squint to read text”. Only comes with a 1.3 mega pixel camera and has GPS built-in for when you fall down or loose your way (this will cost you a great deal per use).

We promise this is the last we’ll write about the Wine… Every age group wants the BlackBerry Stom Bell… bring it on!!