Rogers to launch BlackBerry Storm late November?

Rogers might have some hidden gems up their sleeve this holiday season… Doug over at BlackBerryCool had a quick conversation with a Rogers Customer Service Rep today and found out some possible juicy info!

Late November we might see another touchscreen available from Rogers – this time it’s the BlackBerry Storm! This was recently announced by both Bell and Telus, however, the audio recording boldly states that we might expect Rogers to follow suit with a November launch, just in time for the big Q4 push. Remember, this was just a conversation and the customer service rep might have, could have, possibly may have been confused.

Hear the conversation here

**UPDATE** – Elizabeth Hamilton, spokesperson for Rogers Wireless confirmed that the Storm is not heading to Rogers. “Saw your post and you’re right, the customer service representative made a mistake. As you know, I won’t comment in advance on what our holiday lineup has in store, but I can confirm it does not include the BlackBerry Storm.” (BGR)