Nova Scotia’s $300,000 “Pomegranate Phone”

Imagine a phone that is labeled as “The Ultimate all-in-one device, where no phone has gone before”. This is not the iPhone, Storm or Instinct. It’s the brainchild of a $300,000 advertising budget by the province of Nova Scotia.

The “Pomegranate Phone puts more things in the palm of your hand that you ever thought possible”. It has a phone, e-mail, MP3 player, GPS navigation, full internet browser, built-in camera and video. So what is so different about this then? Well, it also has a projector, global voice translator, mobile coffee brewer, personal shaver and harmonica!

The website was created by Breathe Media, Bristol Group and Egg Films/Hatch in conjunction with Nova Scotia’s “Come To Life” campaign. But the real question truly is” How does this site promote life in Nova Scotia?

The site is so incredibly well designed and very entertaining. This is a mobile phone junkies dream… but I can tell you that I’m in no rush to get to Nova Scotia because of it.

The site takes about 2-minutes to fully load (but worth the wait), so here are some clips of the site:



(Thanks Chris for sending this in!)