Skyfire officially launches in Canada!

If you’re like many Canadians that have started to depend on your mobile internet for daily activities, you’ll absolutely love the news that Skyfire is officially available to us Canadians.

Skyfire brings the web to your mobile phone as if you’re using your work or home computer. No more text link mobile web sites, error messages or unloadable videos. Currently available on Windows Mobile and Nokia related devices (BlackBerry users will have to wait a bit) – you can visit, view and use Facebook the way it’s meant to be, catch up on the latest news that CBC is giving.

All you have to do to get started is register your name and e-mail address, download the free app and get going. For now, view this video of Skyfire in action to fully understand its power (this video has US content but the experience is the same):

CMO Adam Sexton said “Skyfire users love being able to browse media rich sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and ESPN. “Our users prove that with Skyfire, mobile web browsing is very similar to PC Web browsing. We are pleased to bring Skyfire to Canada so that users there can use their mobile phones to visit sites that take full advantage of everything Web 2.0 has to offer.” More at Skyfire