TELUS to release new Smartphone Bundles!

The plethora of reduced rate plans have finally arrived in Canada – Bell with the Rollover, Telus with the new “All in One” $99 plan. And now TELUS is set to make our holidays better by dropping a few new Smartphone Bundle plans into the mix. Canada just keeps on getting better with our rates… they just keep on dropping!

There are 3 new smartphone plans available now, all get unlimited text and call display and voice mail 10. The promo looks to be available until December 31st, 2008. (Just in time for the BlackBerry Storm?)

Smartphone Bundle 20, Smartphone Bundle 30 and Smartphone Bundle 45.

20 (for $20/month) gets unlimited IM and email.
30 (for $30/month) gets 500mb, IM email and web.
45 (for $45/month) gets unlimited everything (web browsing, video streaming, IM, email).

The old personal email & IM will still exist. More info soon.
(Thanks to bninja & Mickie for sending this in)