“Ziibii” iPhone app is for people with Attention Deficit Disorder

The fine people behind Zumobi have released a free iPhone app called “Ziibii”. The name was taken from a Native American word for river.

This new app brings together your favourite web content such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube and displays your message headline as “rafts” as they journey down a river.  It is a constant stream that ensures anyone with A.D.D. will enjoy. The video below has the best tagline: “Have fun playing with the water”. You can speed up the by tapping your screen, or in case you missed a feed you can simply swipe your finger back to reveal past feeds. A fun feature is when you can play bumper rafts and bang your feeds together. It does nothing to the feed and would have been cool if it deleted them.

Once you find something you want to view all you have to do is tap on the feed and read, share and go back to the river. Ziibii has added their own raft into your river, which is essentially a feedback button so they can improve the app. If you get sea sick and cannot stand the river view, your feeds can be viewed in a list format.

Here is the ever flowing river of feeds in action an you can get the app here: