Bell shipment of BlackBerry Storms arriving Boxing Day!

If you’re looking to score a physical BlackBerry Storm from Bell Mobility (not just on pre-order) you’ll be thrilled to know that a shipment is hitting select Bell stores on Boxing Day and more during Boxing Week.

We just received and e-mail directly from Bell stating “Bell Mobility is announcing more BlackBerry Storms are arriving in select stores on Boxing Day. Additional shipments will continue to arrive throughout Boxing Week. Supplies continue to be very limited so get there early.”bellstormimagebox

The select stores will most likely be higher population locations such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Prices of the Storm are: No contract is $699.95; 1-year is $649.95; 2-year is $549.95 and 3-year from $249.95 with a minimum $45 per month voice and data plan.

More here at Bell