Rogers Storm 9520…Fido getting 3 BlackBerry devices

9520rogersstormHappy Holidays to all!

Here’s a nice present that should make all Rogers and Fido customers very happy!

There are new pics flying around that show the 9520 BlackBerry Storm to be available at Rogers soon (First half of 2009)! This touchscreen device will have 3G HSPA and WiFi built into it. The following price plans are rumoured to be coming in about $50 lower that Bell and TELUS are currently offering. Most likely by the time this officially launches the price of the 9530 Storm will have a price drop.

Rogers 9520 BlackBerry Storm pricing:
3-year: $199.99 (most likely with a $45 voice and data)
3-year:  $249.99 (most likely no data plan)
2-year: $379.99
1-year: $479.99
No Contract: $529.99

In addition to this glorious news, Rogers will be launching the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200, this time it will have 3G and GPS built in. It will have the same 2 megapixel camera with flash and video. (Current version of the Pearl Flip 8220 does not have GPS or 3G.)

Now for all the Fido customers that have been dreaming of getting a BlackBerry. Looks like you will have 3 to choose from: A Pearl Flip, Pearl 8110 BlackBerry Curve 8900. No price plans but targeted to launch between February and April 2009. They will all have Fido UNO which means you can use your cell while at home and not get charged the minutes.


Knowing how RIM is very particular when it comes to the BlackBerry brand is presented. The slides are most likely not final and spell BlackBerry with a small “b”. Nothing big…just something that caught my attention.

[Source: HowardForums]