Full 2009 Rogers lineup leaked online

rogers2009aThanks to a recent Rogers 2009 gathering a full line-up of devices has found its way online. Special awards go to HoFo member Clearskies08 for the info and pics. Here is the complete list with pricing and launch dates:

BlackBerry 8200 Pearl Flip – Launching first half of 2009 – Dual-band HSDPA (850/1900) BlackBerry Pearl with Wi-Fi, including a secondary video calling camera, 2.0 megapixel camera with flash.

BlackBerry 9520 Storm – Launching first half of 2009, touchscreen, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS. Rogers 9520 BlackBerry Storm pricing: 3-year: $199.99 (most likely with a $45 voice and data), 3-year:  $249.99 (most likely no data plan), 2-year: $379.99, 1-year: $479.99, No Contract: $529.99

Samsung M8800 Pixon – Launching late Q1 2009 – Touchscreen, GPS, 8.0 megapixel camera with flash, 120 FPS video recording, Rogers and a good chance of a Fido launch. No price yet.

Motorola Motozine ZN5 Launching late Q1 2009 $50 on 3-year contract (2-years with Fido), $500 off contract.

HTC Touch Viva – Launching first half of 2009 -Touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1, Wi-Fi, “Pocket Office”. Price plans are 3-year: $0.00 (with a data option), 3-year:  $99.99 (most likely no data plan), 2-year: $199.99, 1-year: $369.99, No Contract: $399.99

HTC Touch Pro – Launching Q2 2009; ide slider QWERTY keyboard, 2.8″ colour screen, 640×480 VGA resolution, 3.2 Megapixel with autofocus, flash and camcorder, GPS, Music player, speakerphone, Accelerometer, Handwriting recognition and weighs 165 grams.

Motorola Q11 – No launch date yet accounced – GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.15 megapixel camera, quad-band GSM, Windows Mobile 6.1, still undecided on launching.

Sony Ericsson CyberShot C905a – Launching Q2 2009 – This is replacing the K850i and has a 8.1 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, comes loaded with a 2 GB memory card, dual-band HSPA, Wi-Fi, music recognition. The price plans will come in around $299.99 on a 3-year contract.

Sony Ericsson X1 XPERIA – Launching possibly August (or sooner) Q3 2009 7.2 MBps quad-band HSDPA, 800 x 480 3″ touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Windows Mobile 6.1, push e-mail

Motorola VE66 Launching second half of 2009 5.0 megapixel, slider with 850/1900 HSPA

Nokia XpressMusic 5800 Launching Q2/3 2009; 3.2 megapixel camera, comes loaded with an 8GB memory, GPS, full HTML Browser

HTC Touch 3G (possible release)