GetItBack updates coming January 2009

getitbackimageFor those devoted BlackBerry users who have Convenience Software’s “GetItBack” you’ll be happy to know that a new version will be released January 2009.

The upgrades are free for existing users and include new features: a remote wipe feature, upgraded web-interface, enhanced security and activation via email and text message.

For those who are not familiar with GetItBack here is a rundown:  “GetItBack” can be downloaded to your BlackBerry and is a location program that gives you extra security if your device is lost or stolen.

So, if you’re worried about your contacts, e-mails calendar events… all you have to do is log in to a dedicated website and report it “Stolen”. You will then have many options such as activating the ringer and alarm, sending a custom message… also, most importantly, if your BlackBerry is found you can activate a callback to a number. This app cost $9.99.

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