iPhone App of the Day: iHand Massage

iHand massageiDelux has made one brilliant piece of work with their newest iPhone app called “iHand Massage”.

As they state “iHand Massage is the first iPhone app to specialize in giving your hands a rejuvenating massage which will leave them feeling, relaxed and refreshed”. They have taken the vibration mode from your iPhone and made it into your personal massage therapist.

You can select from Pulse mode (low, medium or high), Steady mode (constant vibration) or a mix of both. In addition, the app allows you to choose the length of time you want.

Once you have chosen your unique massage, for optimum results iDelux says you must place your iPhone between your palms and hold together gently until iHand Massage is completed… then “your hands will have a light tingling sensation and feel very relaxed and refreshed”.

The app can be bought here for $0.99. Just in case you are hesitant about this purchase. iDelux has given more benefits of a massage:

-Vibration along the course of a nerve is helpful for restoring and maintaining the functions of a nerve and the muscles supplied by them, thereby improving their nutrition.
-Vibration can increase blood circulation
-This type of massage can reduce anxiety and mental stress
-Vibration massages have been used since the Ancient Greeks