LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone 4-minute VIDEO!

We were sent this wicked video from LG Canada with a 4:18 insight into the recently announced LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone!

The LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone is simply amazing. Something you would see in a James Bond flick… and it’s ready for full blown production by the end of 2009!

The LG-GD910 3G Watch Phone has 3 navigation buttons on the side: End call, Main menu and receive call. The main menu has your contacts, calendar, music, messaging and settings. There are options to check your battery life, alarm clock, Bluetooth connectivity (this will come with a Bluetooth headset when launched). Some cool features are when you hold down the middle button you activate the voice recognition for your music or to directly dial a number in your contact list.

On the upper right hand side is a camera for video calling! It’s a picture in picture so you will see the person who you’re speaking with, and yourself. The standby battery life is about 247 hours and this watch has it all… and actually looks good too!

More coming soon from LG Canada