Apple AppStore: 500 million downloads in 6 months


The Apple App Store officially launched July of ’08 and skyrocketed to 100 million downloads 3 months later in September… now it seems after being open for 6 months the App Store sailed past the 500 million download mark.

It was not that long ago that Apple was at the 10,000 mark app and now they are over 15,000 available apps. One of the most popular apps (beside iFart) is Shazam. This is one of those free apps that are actually moving the iPhone forward. Imagine you’re in a store, mall, at work, anywhere and you hear a song and don’t know what the name is or who the band is… by a simple press of a button Shazam goes to work will tell you the song name and title of the artist…

What is your favourite app to date?