Shazam coming to BlackBerry, full App Store in March

jimAt MIDEM 2009 in Cannes Co-CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie spoke about some various application and a peek into what is coming soon to the BlackBerry:

The BlackBerry Facebook app was downloaded five million times, but the subsequent MySpace app got to that in half the time, Balsillie, said. “I know from the app companies that the traction has been spectacular.” Music identifier app Shazam is coming to BlackBerry in a couple of weeks. As for BlackBerry’s app store, announced last fall: “We’re ingesting apps now and it goes online in March, at CTIA – that has a billing engine and is a channel for developers – you’ll see dozens of music apps.”

Shazam is one of the coolest apps out there when it comes to music. Imagine you hear some cool track and cannot figure the song or artist out… by a simple press of a button Shazam goes to work and comes back with the song name and title of the artist.

Here is the app at work on the iPhone: