“Next Killer App”: MyScreen partners with Sentaca

MyScreen opt-in Mobile AdvertisingToronto-based MyScreen Mobile announced a strategic partnership with Sentaca to enhance MyScreen’s mobile advertising solution.

For those not familiar with MyScreen, basically they offer permission and incentive-based advertising for your mobile phone. It allows you to subscribe and be compensated for the advertising (images, text or video) that shows up on your mobile phone.

MyScreen’s CFO & EVP Raghu Kilambi said “With Gartner forecasting global Mobile Advertising to surpass $12 billion by 2011, it is positioned to be the next ‘killer app’ and MyScreen is the most effective delivery platform for advertisers and operators, with the best user experience for Subscribers.”

“Killer App” at what expense though… bombarded with more advertising on your mobile phone?

Ironically over in Australia, carrier ComTel  launched an opt-in mobile advertising program that sees a $10 a month plan when you get up to 5 ads a day sent to you…  and have to click on at least 50% of them. If you later chose to opt-out, the rate goes up to $29 a month.

Is this how the cell phone plans will possibly look here in Canada?

Via: Yahoo!