Palm Centro now available at Bell… we say bring on the Pre!

Palm CentroAs we revealed a couple weeks ago, Bell has officially released the Palm Centro. This is available in Midnight Black on the following plans with a minimum $45 voice and data:

Launch promo 3-year contract: $49.95
2-year contract: $249.95
1-year contract: $349.95
Month to Month: $399.95

The specs of the Centro are: weighs in at 119 grams with dimensions of 107 x 54 x 18.5 mm (smaller than previous Palm devices). It has full QWERTY keyboard (stylis for the touchscreen), 1.3 mega pixel camera with video capabilities, email, text, phone and Instant messenger, MP3 player and can hold up to extra 4GB of memory.

Our video review when it first launched with Rogers is here.

Brodie Keast, senior vice president of marketing for Palm, Inc said “Centro is the best example of a user-friendly smartphone that’s both fun and easy to use. Centro’s sleek and lightweight design makes it perfect for first-time smartphone users who want voice, text, email, web, contact and calendar capabilities all wrapped into one compact device.”

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