Shortcovers: the “Kindle Killer” officially launching Feb 26th

iphone-readingFor those who want to brace themselves “Shortcovers” is coming… this is what Canadian-based Indigo Books & Music is hoping, and banking on, will be their billion dollar baby.

Heavily promoted by Indigo insiders as the “Kindle Killer”, Shortcovers will officially be launching February 26th.  Shortcovers, is a free app for your iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices that turns your phone into a mobile bookstore. Users will be able to sample the first chapter for free, then have the option to purchase additional chapters for $0.99 if you want to continue reading.

We’ve written about Shortcovers a few times, CTO Michael Serbinis of Chapters Indigo said “won’t cost you $359 to start experiencing just how convenient it is to find your next great read”… the only hurdle he has to overcome is to change the perception of how people read books.

Can you image relaxing at home staring at your iPhone for hours on end?
Will Shortcovers be one of those apps that join the recent Pinch Media report that only last less that 30 days?

We wish you all the success Shortcovers!
Here is a short intro video:

Via: Shortcovers