Kindle for iPhone launches (not in Canada)… what will happen to Shortcovers?

Kindle for iPhoneAmazon has launched its iPhone version of Kindle conveniently called “Kindle for iPhone. Although this app is not available in Canada, we’re curious how this will effect Indigo’s “recently launched Shortcovers “Kindle Killer”.

The big idea going for Shortcovers is that their app saved you the price of the Kindle ($360), but now, all you have to do is download the app for free and buy eBooks through Amazon. Kindle has a library of over 240,000-plus titles and has a feature called WhisperSync that automatically remembers where you left off in each book and can be picked up from any Kindle devices have.

Hopefully there is enough business for all out there… or maybe everyone should just use the app Stanza!

Via: EngadgetMobile