SaskTel goes all in with “All for One Plan”

bnr-600x200-new-all-for-one-planSaskTel has a new plan available that offers customers the opportunity to go all in. Similar to the carriers in the US who are offering Unlimited Everything for 99 bucks, SaskTel has done the same with their “All For One Plan”, but the price tag is a bit higher starting at $129.

Sprint’s “Simply Everything” plan has Unlimited voice calling, text, web, email and picture mail for $99.99 USD. The basic SaskTel All for One Plan” has:

Included with all Plans:
– Unlimited Cell Airtime in Saskatchewan.
– Unlimited Cell Long Distance to Canada and the U.S. for calls originating in Saskatchewan.
– Unlimited Text Messaging.
– Enhanced voicemail, call display, and detailed billing.
– No hidden fees. System Administration Fee and 911 Fees are included in the price.
– Low flat rate for calls originating outside of Saskatchewan ($0.25 per minute) to anywhere in Canada and the U.S. (includes airtime, roaming and long distance charges).
– Free Call Waiting
– Free Three-way Calling
– Free Call Transfer
– Pay-per-use Picture Messaging
– Pay-per-use Voicemail to Text

Although a $25 Activation fee will be charged to your bill the first month it is kinda a good deal if you use your phone a lot. The prices increase once you get your BlackBerry involved.

For $149 a month you get all the above plus unlimited Internet, personal e- mail, and BlackBerry Messenger. Another option is the whopping $189 a month charge that sees the above, plus Unlimited data service.

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