4G technology: “It’ll be like a butler in your hand”

A great article on the future of cellphone technology in the Globe today, specifically about 4G technology.  A couple good quotes:

Paul Brannen, general manager of Samsung Canada’s wireless division said “It’ll be like a butler in your hand. It’ll do everything but tuck you in at night”. And lead product manager for Google Android, Erick Tseng “wants you to picture the following: You’re in Manhattan for the first time. You pick up your cellphone and point its camera at a building. Your phone has location-sensing, so it knows where you are. It has a compass, so it knows which way you’re pointing. It has an accelerometer, so it knows the angle you’re pointing at. Information about the building pops up on your screen, superimposed on the structure you’re looking at. What you’re holding is less a cellphone and more a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”.