BlackBerry Partners Fund invest $10 million into Xobni

xobniThe BlackBerry Partners Fund announced its 5th investment is San Francisco-based Xobni. They have created an Outlook plugin that finds people & email in your inbox. An investment from the BlackBerry Partners Fund of $10-million was given to them.

Because of this investment they were able to leave beta stage and release the official version. On the company blog Xobni stated “This investment will allow us to strengthen our service and extend Xobni to new platforms for our customers. The next stage of development will focus on the launch of our premium service later this summer.”

Rick Segal, a partner with JLA Ventures, one of the BlackBerry fund’s co-managers said “the product. Dead on smart, solves a pain point, and adds an amazing ‘I-would-pay-for-this’ value to that slog we call email. Nobody adds more value to email and thus my business life.”