MasterCard & Bell complete Mobile Payment Trial

How to tap....Way back in May, MasterCard and Bell announced they were going to start a trial that allows select customers to pay for goods or services from their mobile phones, via Mobile PayPass. This was a 4 month-closed trial and is now offically completed.

Unfortunately no real details were disclosed with what the actual results were in the test period. The only statement is that the trial took place at Bell Mobility’s Creekbank office (located in Mississauga) and about 75 employees from Bell, Citi Cards and MasterCard participated. Also other key findings were that the “participants proved that mobile payments are easy, fast and secure. The average transaction amount during the trial was just under $20”.

Almis Ledas, Vice President of Corporate Development at Bell Mobility “Our objective is to achieve a common gateway and standardized consumer experience for mobile payments. This successful trial underlined both the security and the convenience of mobile payments.”

So, I guess “easy, fast and secure” equals success and perhaps we’ll see this available throughout Canada soon.