Bell Motorola Hint QA30 Video Review

We took some time to play around with the recently launched Motorola Hin QA30 from Bell. It’s a decent smartphone available on the following plans: 3-year for $79.95; 2-year for $129.95; 1-year for $279.95 and Outright for $329.95.

Now that price is out in the open, the Hint is really small, the overall dimensions are 61.6 x 82 x 16.9mm and comes in at 117 grams. This is a slider with a full QWERTY keyboard. Sind the phone is small, the keyboard follows suit. Typing your e-mail or text messages will take some getting used to. Even the shape of the keys are a bit odd as they are somewhat diamond shaped.

What is nice is that there are dedicated keys for your music, camera, and web. The Hint comes with a 2 mega pixel camera with video capabilities. The quality of pictures is good and comes with some options to edit also. However, the style of the Hint and where the camera was placed on the back makes it somewhat of a challenge to take pics (and videos) as my finger got in the way a few times.

Viewing the pics, videos or TV shows comes up nice as the Hint has a 2.5 inch display (240×240) and the quality of sound is good. Another great addition is that this can hold up to 8GB of memory with a microSD card. Check out the video review below as we go into more detail of other features such as the full HTML browser, GPS and music player.

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