Best Buy goes nuts: Storm for $49.99, Curve 8900 for $0.00


Best Buy Mobile has gone completely nuts in a good way… finally some wicked pricing in Canada!

Until April 25th they have got some incredible deals for new activations. You can get a Bell BlackBerry Storm for $49.99 on  a 3-year plan ( a $30 monthly Voice and Data plan is required). For whatever reason you do not like the Storm, you can score a Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 for $0.00! Even Crazy Mel would not have prices like this!

It sounds like an infomercial, but wait, it gets better. You can get 2 Telus LG Dare’s for $49.99 on a 3-year share plan, when you purchase this they will throw in a free Acer netbook (value of $400).  Also, if Koodo is your game, you can get the recently released Samsung M540 Slyde for $0.00 but they will give you a $190 Gift Card.

These prices are only available in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Ancaster and Edmonton… so make you get down to your local Best Buy. If you don’t live here, call that distant cousin of yours!

** UPDATE ** this offer has now been extended throughout Canada. More here!