Canada goes all out with Twitter (Koodo & Virgin added)


We already new that Twitter was available to customers on Bell, Rogers and Fido. Even yesterday Telus came out of the woodwork and joined “Twitterverse”.

Checking the Twitter Blog we were pleasantly surprised to see that all major carriers are now on board, Virgin and Koodo have been added to the list. All but the soon to be in the history books Solo Mobile?

According to the post “Today we launched full, two-way SMS support for Telus, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo Mobile. We are now live on all major operators in Canada—that means pretty much every mobile phone user in Canada has the ability to send and receive Twitter updates via SMS. Just like our deals with the rest of the major Canadian mobile operators, there are no additional fees. Twitter messages are standard rates or deducted from your bundle if you have one”.

So now you can go absolutely Twitter crazy on the go, send as many Tweets as you want and tell people what you are doing every second on the day. I wonder if the new entrants like Globalive, Dave Wireless or Public Mobile will have this available to their customers?