New entrant Dave Wireless to offer Android and BlackBerry


New Canadian wireless entrant Dave Wireless (Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc.) says they will start to roll out their offering next year, first in Toronto then expanding to as many as 10 other major cities.

Similar to Globalive and Public Mobile, DAVE Wireless will offer phones with no-contract service and unlimited voice and text messaging; free voice mail and long distance within Canada. But the most amazing part of of them announcing plans is that they will offer more than regular cellphones and Smartphones. Dave Wireless will offer BlackBerry devices and also handsets running Google’s Android platform.

Out of all the new entrants they are the first to announce some actual devices that will be offered. Big news! But where will you be able to buy these when Dave actually launches? Some analyst say that a storefront is to much of a cost, so online is a great start, but more than likely you’ll be able to walk into a KFC and Taco Bell as owner John Bitove’s Priszm Income Fund owns a bunch of them.

David Dobbin, President of Dave Wireless said “I hate contracts. We won’t be doing any three-year contracts. They’re horrible things. For us, job one will be to remove customer irritants.Those include monthly system access fees, handset renewal plans that lack pricing clarity, and roaming and long-distance charges within Canada.”

Get ready big 3… time is ticking!!
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