Palm Pre Unboxed!?!

The date in the video shows January 19th, a cool 5 months ago. However, it’s just gaining popularity now as we get closer to the official launch of the Palm Pre on Sprint, then later on with Bell… and shortly after TELUS in Canada.

The person who took the video is named “dabololin” and is based in Mexico. This seems to be taken at some industry event, PR party as Peter Skillman (Palm VP of Design) in the video got really excited that an unboxing was occurring. Check it out here and you can get a feel for what to expect when we get it here. The key point here is that you can start to use the Pre straight out of the box and plus the woman who started the unboxing asked “Will it come in Red also?”. The Palm associate said “I cannot speak to that” which generally means the Pre will be available in other colours.

Source: Gizmodo