TELUS launches Sierra Wireless USB 598 Modem


I have to admit without my internet stick I would be lost. I mean it connects everywhere I go. Good news for Telus customers though.

They have just released the Sierra Wireless USB 598 Modem on the following plans: 3 and 2-year: $0.00; 1-year: $49.99 and no contract: $199.99. The basic monthly mobile High Speed Internet plan is $25 for 500 MB. Telus says that’s 125,000 emails, or 500 attachments sent, or 5000 web page views, or 500 digital pictures, or 30 hours of online gaming, or 4 hours of streaming video.

Some features of this is that it has an average download speed of 800 kilobits per second (Kbps) and 500 Kbps for upload speed. Pretty fast while you’re on the go.

More here at TELUS