Shortcovers updates their iPhone and BlackBerry apps

shortcoversimageThe evolution of Indigo’s Shortcovers continues to make changes. Since their launch about 3 months ago they have always seek feedback from their users and actually make the necessary changes. The major changes are that you can now turn the pages faster as it a new “horizontal paging mode”, and they have also added the ability to change the text colours for easier reading.

Click here for full list of changes:

“On the iPhone side:

We’ve added a TON of new options in our reading experience. You can now turn pages faster with our new horizontal paging mode, change the text colours, and much more. Read all about it on the iPhone reading help page

– We’ve removed that annoying sign up screen. When you first start Shortcovers, you can go right into the app and start browsing our free content. If you decide to buy any books from us, we’ll ask you to register then, and when you do, you’ll find that it’s a much more seamless signup process.

– We’ve added new lists, available under ‘More’ – this includes the current New York Times best sellers, some selections from our editors, and a great selection of free books and articles.

– We’ve applied a fresh coat of paint to the application – you’ll see new loading screens, a new splash screen when you first start the app, and a few other hidden gems.

See, it’s awesome – now go and get it:

We’ve done similar things on the Blackberry as well – we already took away the sign up screen from our Blackberry app, but now we’ve also:

– Added a built in purchase screen – now buying on the Blackberry is even easier. No more jumping out to the Blackberry browser – now it’s all nicely integrated

– Those same great lists that are on the iPhone are on the Blackberry too, under a new ‘Lists’ icon

– Just like the iPhone, the Blackberry app got a brand new coat of paint – you’ll find new graphics, better fonts, and generally just find it more fun to use

The Blackberry app is ready and waiting – go get it: