Globalive says Telus is trying to stifle wireless competition

anthony-globaliveIt seems that TELUS has succeeded in getting the CRTC to “initiate an open and transparent process to review whether Globalive is under Canadian ownership and control”.  According to the Canadian Telecommunications Act the maximum amount allowed by for foreign investors is 20%, and in this case, Egyptian-based Orascom Telecom has invested the max.

The competition is getting fierce even before the doors are officially open. Globalive CEO Tony Lacavera has responded to the claim on his

“The most important lesson I’ve learnt in business is that you never forget your customer. It’s why I created this website and why I’m always interested to hear what’s on your mind. By treating you as engaged consumers, not just as customers, I like to think we’re actually building a strong relationship. The payoff for Globalive and I came through loud and clear this morning; I’ve been inundated with comments and concerns about Telus Mobility’s decision yesterday to ask the CRTC to look into Globalive’s ownership structure. Thank you all for expressing your concern about the situation.

My response is brief: Telus is trying to stifle much needed wireless competition in Canada. Since we launched this website thousands of Canadians have written to me, telling me about the need for more mobile competition and yet one of Canada’s largest wireless provides is turning their back on their own customers. For the record – Globalive has met all foreign ownership requirements as outlined by Industry Canada.

To Telus I ask: why don’t we actually listen to our customer concerns instead of trying to destroy domestic competition?

Let’s move on to more pressing concerns, shall we?


More on this at the CRTC website also