TELUS set to release LG KEYBO 2!

telus-keybo-2-screenshotIt was about a year ago that TELUS released the LG KEYBO into Canada. With that device being a major success here, we have received images from an anonymous tipster that a follow-up is in order with the upcoming release of the LG KEYBO 2!

The KEYBO 2 looks strikingly similar to the KEYBO as it has the familiar 1.56-inch external screen and keyboard. What is new about this upgrade is the 2.6 inch internal screen (originally 2.4 inches), this flips open to show the text-friendly full QWERTY keyboard. In addition the directional pad has been kicked up a notch in style, a 3.0 megapixel camera with video capabilities has been updated (the original only had a 2.0 megapixel camera). In addition the size is a bit of a change as it comes in at 4.11 x 2.13 x 0.65 inches while the KEYBO was 4.00 x 2.13 x 0.65 inches.

No word on availability or pricing yet!
Thanks “anonymous tipster”