Fido discounts iPhone 3G & now selling refurbished online

fido-drop-iphoneThe Apple iPhone hype is in full swing, especially with the re-introduction of the 6GB $30 per month Voice and Data plan. The new iPhone 3Gs will be available at Rogers and Fido on the following prices (effective as June 19th): 16GB iPhone 3G S will be $199 and the 32GB iPhone 3G S will be $299, also the iPhone 3G will be dropped in price to a stellar $99.

With all this said, I checked out Fido this evening and found that they’ve dropped the prices already and started to sell refurbished iPhone 3G online! Guess it must be cleaning the doghouse time!

When you go on a 3-year Fido Agreement and subscribe to an iPhone rate plan, you can get the 8 GB iPhone 3G at its current price of $199, but the 16 GB model drops to $179 (was $249). In addition, if a refurbished iPhone is more your game, the 8 GB can now be purchased online at $149 and the 16 GB is now available at $99.

Are you liking the new dog now?
Check it out at Fido here