Koodo to change rate plans effective July 20th

koodo-rate-changesWe got our hands on an internal document that shows Koodo Mobile will be making some changes to their existing “Serving Size 100” rate plans… basically they’re getting rid of it and replacing it with a plan that has 50 minutes less, but will charge the same dollar amount.

The document says “Effective July 20 2009, Serving Size 100 will expire but don’t worry, customers who sign up prior to July 20 will still  get to keep their Serving Size 100 plan… Let customers know they have until July 19 to get one of our most popular plans, Serving Size 100! Serving Size 100 will expire and be replaced by our new Serving Size 50 Evenings and Weekends for $20/month.”

After July 20th the Serving Size 50 Evenings and Weekends will cost you $20 and include:
– No System Access Fee.
– up to 50 anytime minutes
– 7pm Evenings & Weekends
– up to 50 text messages
– includes call waiting, conference calling, 911 and per-second billing

In addition, Koodo states that there will be “new and exciting plans coming on July 20, 2009”.
More info to follow… Perhaps those new plans will also come with some new devices! Here’s to hoping Koodo brings on a BlackBerry!

For now, check out the Koodo current rate plans here

Thanks Anonymous Tipster!