Apple confirms Rogers & Fido iPhone 3G S no-contact pricing

apple-no contractEven though Rogers has yet to confirm the no contract price, Apple has stepped up with some fine print that clearly shows the contract-free price point. According to their website:

“Warranty information available on request. Requires subscription to new 3-year term Rogers Wireless voice and data plan or new 3-year Fido Agreement with Data Option, sold separately to qualified customers; early cancellation fees apply. For non-qualified customers, including existing Rogers or Fido customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace an iPhone3G, the pricing without a new agreement is $599(8GB), $699(16GB), or $799(32GB). Visit or for eligibility information. Service may not be available in all areas or at the signal strength, rates, speeds, or bandwidth as demonstrated. WiFi Internet access required for some features; broadband recommended; fees may apply. Some applications, features, and services not available in all areas. Visit or to check network coverage in your area. iPhone is configured to work only with wireless service provided by Rogers or Fido.”

Via: BGR