Rogers to eventually have their own App Store?

Just going over some old video (not the best quality as our camera was on the fritz) from the 2009 Canadian Telecom Summit.  Nadir Mohamed, Rogers President and CEO, was speaking about having applications of our devices and what the future may hold when it comes to providing services from their customers.

He said “one of the challenges that we as service provider will have to face is …where do we fit in the value chain? I think there is 3 models that is starting to grow. The first one is the carriers who look at this world and go where do I find connectivity and all the applications right on top and we don’t have to participate in that world. That’s model one. The second model tends to be one that looks at communications and the connectivity from a smart connectivity perspective. So particularly when you throw in the dimensions that make wireless, in terms of technology powerful, you can add in where the person is so the sense of location and presence that I think are part of the dynamic of saying we can be much smarter in terms of what we offer to the application providers… The third model is carriers that actually embrace and lead the storefront side and have essentially an application center that they own and compete with along with the RIM’s, the Apple’s, Android Google platform and so on. So very very exciting. Again, it’s not the world today that will be defined in 12 months, but if you look out in the next 3-years this space will be huge in terms of seeing how each one of us plays in the value chain in front of the customer.”