Exclusive Interview with Globalive CEO Tony Lacavera

Globalive spent $442 million dollars to enter the Canadian wireless market. In a very relaxed and optimistic manner, Tony Lacavera, Chairman and CEO of Globalive says they have zero market share today but believes he’s already made a difference. He’s directly speaking about the current carriers making major changes to their business plans, rate plans and more importantly their customer service.

MobileSyrup sat down with Tony for a few minutes to understand his reasons for entering the wireless industry, how he’s currently handling the pressures from Bell, Rogers and TELUS, what he has in store for his Globalive Wireless brands and how customers service will be key to gaining Canadians confidence and trust.

Watch the full interview here:

Globalive will launch this fall first in Toronto and Vancouver, then branch out later in 2010 to Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. Recently they announced a 2-tier approach that will see 2 separate brands: a high value and cost conscious brand. Tony, apart from being in business to have a return for his shareholders, really wants to make a difference for Canadians. This is evident with the website “Wireless Soapbox” that has been set up to have a place for Canadians to give feedback and possibly influence how Globalive might structure their upcoming plans.