Charge your iPhone 3GS wirelessly with WildCharge!

iPhone_tweak_shadow_200wiWildCharge was the winner of the Time Magazine’s best invention of 2007 and also the winner of the CES for 2008 Best of Innovations Award. Basically Wild Charge is a wire-free charger for your mobile phone or smartphone (or any other electronic product).

They are back with more products, so not just Palm lovers can charge wirelessly now… You’ll be able to get a WildCharge Skin within the next couple weeks for your brand new iPhone 3GS, this will cost you $34.99 and will only come in Matte Black.

According to the site “WildCharge technology is integrated into a flexible protective gel cover (“skin”) that fits snugly over the body of the iPhone. Embedded into the back of the protective skin is the WildCharge contact module that makes electrical connection with the surface of the WildCharger Pad (sold separately)”.

More here at WildCarge
Via: EngadgetMobile